JLPT N5 Kanji

【男】Learning Japanese Kanji (dan, nan, otoko/ man, male)

01 On-readings and words

・だん dan
・なん nan

For example,

・男子 だんし dan-shi
It means boy, man, male
This is a casual expression
・男子トイレ だんしといれ dan-shi toire
It means men's restroom, men's toilet

・男女 だんじょ dan-jo
It means both genders, man and woman
・男女関係 だんじょかんけい dan-jo kan-kei
It means relations between the sexes
・男女平等 だんじょびょうどう dan-jo byou-dou
It means gender equality

・男児 だんじ dan-ji
It means boy
Mainly children boys are called

・男性 だんせい dan-sei
It means man, male
This is a formal expression

・長男 ちょうなん chou-nan
It means first-born son
・次男 じなん ji-nan
It means second-born son
・三男 さんなん san-nan
It means third-born son

02 Kun-readings

・おとこ otoko

For example,

・男 おとこ otoko
It means man, male

・男前 おとこまえ otoko-mae
It means handsome man, good-looking man

03 Special readings


04 Meaning


05 How to write

06 Radical

・田 ta

07 Family name

・岩男 いわお Iwao

08 Personal name

・利男 としお Toshio
・和男 かずお Kazuo
・正男 まさお Masao

09 Famous persons

・梅沢 富美男 うめざわとみお Umezawa Tomio
He is an actor

10 place

・男鹿 おが Oga
The name of a city in the Tohoku region of Northern Japan

11 similar kanji


12 Characters contain 男

・甥 せい、おい sei, oi
It means nephew

・虜 りょ、とりこ ryo, toriko
It means prisoner, captive

13 Origin

This character is a Compound ideograph
It is a combination of 田 and 力
田 represents the shape of a rice paddy as seen from the sky.
力 represents the shape of a powerful arm.
It represents the workers who produce on arable land.
It represents male.

14 Words elementary level


15 Words intermediate level

・男爵 だんしゃく dan-shaku
It means baron

・男装 だんそう dan-sou
It means male attire, dressed like a man

16 Proverbs intermediate level

・男が廃る おとこがすたる otoko ga suta-ru
Loss of honor and face as a man.

・男尊女卑 だんそんじょひ dan-son jo-hi
It refers to the idea that men are precious and women are despicable.

17 Proverbs Advanced level

・男は妻から おとこはめから otoko wa me kara
That a man's career and happiness depend on his wife.

-JLPT N5, Kanji
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